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Cindy Sheehan for W!Cindy Sheehan for W!Jan 5, 20063,7392.502political-humor
Cindy News NetworkCindy News NetworkJan 4, 20064,5551.001political-humor
Tom DeLay MugshotTom DeLay MugshotJan 3, 20062,8612.001political-humor
Iraq Theme ParkIraq Theme ParkJan 2, 20065,4403.001political-humor
Turban Dick DurbinTurban Dick DurbinJan 1, 20063,0392.001political-humor
French Terror Alert SystemFrench Terror Alert SystemJan 1, 20063,7094.004political-humor
Democratic vs. Republican Leadership During Hurricane KatrinaDemocratic vs. Republican Leadership During Hurricane KatrinaJan 1, 20063,5063.673political-humor
Jeb Eddy - Democrat Media Whore & LiarJeb Eddy - Democrat Media Whore & LiarJan 1, 20062,9733.002political-humor
Judge Removed From DeLay's Criminal CaseJudge Removed From DeLay's Criminal CaseJan 1, 20062,5962.001political-humor
Whore PresidentWhore PresidentDec 24, 20045,3822.004political-humor
Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseFour Horsemen of the ApocalypseDec 24, 20045,0853.002political-humor
George Bush & Yawning BoyGeorge Bush & Yawning BoyDec 24, 20042,5555.002political-humor
George Bush vs. JesusGeorge Bush vs. JesusDec 24, 20044,7325.003political-humor
Bush, George W. BushBush, George W. BushDec 24, 20045,1883.001political-humor
The One RingThe One RingDec 24, 20042,1955.001political-humor
Team America LeaderTeam America LeaderDec 24, 20042,3883.002political-humor
George Bush UndercoverGeorge Bush UndercoverDec 24, 20042,2874.001political-humor
George Bush - The TurbanatorGeorge Bush - The TurbanatorDec 24, 20042,5163.001political-humor
2004 Presidential Election and Florida Hurricanes2004 Presidential Election and Florida HurricanesDec 24, 20043,1563.001political-humor
George Bush LeadershipGeorge Bush LeadershipDec 24, 20042,2695.001political-humor
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Cindy News Network
Jan 1, 21:04
No doubt.

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