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2004 Election Mandate2004 Election MandateDec 24, 20042,3854.001political-humor
2004 Presidential Election and Florida Hurricanes2004 Presidential Election and Florida HurricanesDec 24, 20043,1563.001political-humor
Absolut DemocratAbsolut DemocratDec 4, 20043,196-0political-humor
Al Gore's New ProfessionAl Gore's New ProfessionDec 4, 20043,0694.6629political-humor
Bella PelosiBella PelosiDec 11, 20042,6675.001political-humor
Bill Clinton's Grasp of LibertyBill Clinton's Grasp of LibertyDec 5, 20042,905-0political-humor
Bi-Partisan UnityBi-Partisan UnityDec 5, 20043,3175.001political-humor
BUHS SupportersBUHS SupportersDec 24, 20042,2884.001political-humor
Bush, George W. BushBush, George W. BushDec 24, 20045,1883.001political-humor
Bush + Gore = BoreBush + Gore = BoreDec 9, 20042,377-0political-humor
Bush LoverBush LoverDec 5, 20045,2661.002political-humor
Candidate ChristCandidate ChristDec 5, 20042,673-0political-humor
Canine Bush VoteCanine Bush VoteDec 24, 20042,416-0political-humor
Cindy News NetworkCindy News NetworkJan 4, 20064,5551.001political-humor
Cindy Sheehan for W!Cindy Sheehan for W!Jan 5, 20063,7392.502political-humor
Clear Channel's LeaderClear Channel's LeaderDec 24, 20042,2372.001political-humor
Clinton Commemorative CoinClinton Commemorative CoinDec 5, 20043,139-0political-humor
Clintons Leaving The White House!Clintons Leaving The White House!Dec 5, 20043,1314.336political-humor
Clinton's LegacyClinton's LegacyDec 5, 20042,481-0political-humor
Democratic vs. Republican Leadership During Hurricane KatrinaDemocratic vs. Republican Leadership During Hurricane KatrinaJan 1, 20063,5063.673political-humor
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Cindy News Network
Jan 1, 21:04
No doubt.

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