Sunday, February 28 2016

Rooney Is Ready for the Match against Everton

Manchester - The striker of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, has been reportedly has got recovered from the injury and been ready for a match against his former club Everton this weekend. It must be a kind of good news for those who are the big fans of Manchester United. After suffering from the ankle injury and being absent in the match between England and Lithuania for the 2016 Euro qualifiers, finally all of you will probably see the captain of the club back on the field.

Waza - the nickname of Rooney - got a light injury when Manchester United faced Arsenal on the Emirates stadium few weeks ago. Then, his condition seemed to be not really good after he got an ankle injury while having a second training session with the squad of England. This particular injury made him absent in the last two matches for the 2016 France EURO qualifiers.  Fortunately, it will never threat his irreplaceable spot in the front row of the England football team. He seems to be the first option for Roy Hodgson, especially when the manager is looking for the sharp and great player to make goals for the team.
When England defeated Lithuania 3-0, this 29 year old football player did not come to Vilnius. So then, he could only watch his teammate created wonderful goals. Then, instead of doing nothing while he was enjoying the match, he seemed to rather choose to be an active commentator for the England football squad through his own personal Twitter account, @WayneRooney.
“Get in” @RBarkley20,” he typed that and adding a thumb-up sign on his Twitter timeline as Ross Barkley created the first goal for the Union Jack team.
Luckily, the ankle injury that is suffered by Wayne Rooney will never be last for quite long period of time. According to Sky Sports, Rooney will be ready for getting involved with the squad of Manchester United to face his old football club in Goodison Park this weekend on Saturday (October 17, 2015).
Well, The Red Devils - the nickname of Manchester United - will be having great heavy schedules in the recent time. After facing Everton this weekend, they have to face CSKA Moskow in Russia for the third match-day of the UEFA Champions League, and also having a fantastic derby match against Manchester City in the Premier League afterwards.

In addition, Manchester United is now on the third spot of the table of the Barclays Premier League. They have been left behind by Manchester City as the leader of league table. The gap between United and City is about two points now. So, that is the main reason why all of the squad of Manchester United has to keep focused in order to win every game. So then, they can keep the point gaps never getting extended so widely. Thus, they can compete for the league winner title and bring back the glory of Manchester United as one of the strongest football clubs in the world.

Sunday, February 14 2016

No More Help for Michel Platini

Michel Platini is currently UEFA president. He is able to support the UEFA because he was experienced football player and manager. As he was supposed to have capability in managing bigger community such as UEFA, he was elected to be president. However, there was problem within UEFA itself, and it forces him to do anything by himself. The Football Association really should take away its support for Platini because of the command from Sir Hugh Robertson. Platini actually is preferred candidate of FA to be betterment of FIFA president. However, he was suspended by governing body of world football. Now, when it is asked whether this Frenchman should be sent away, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

There is a reason behind why this guy is supposed to be sent away or dropped from the initial decision. One obvious reason which has been delivered is for total clear out by external candidate. There is something crucial within this organization that should be solved quickly before everything gets worse. Unpinning some people who are probably having problem within this organization is supposed to be checked and investigated for better football association. In addition to Platini, there are other people who are going to be investigated. They are Blatter and General Jerome Valcke. Both of them are also suspended for clarifying everything happening within the organization.

Though they are supposed to have problem with the organization, they deny everything that disregard them as wrong organizers. Blatter and Platini are appealing for being suspended for everything they did not commit. Robertson himself is part of England who wants to host 2018 World Cup after Russia in 2010 and before Qatar in 2022. Something like this is quite usual, but it is ironic. In addition, after key people are banned the president of International Olympic Committee had enough for all of this. He suggested that FIFA must regain its credibility. Indeed, it is definitely not an easy task to do. That is why, banning few people who are probably involved in this case should be separated for a while for clearing the ground.

There is basically an ethic committee that is supposed to deal with several problems within the organization especially related to the appropriate behavior of the members. However, Robertson also expressed that the committee does not function well since there is Blatter. This guy will decide what the committee does, and it is definitely not in line with their purposes.

The total clear-out is supposed to be performed to make sure everything goes inline without interruption and intervention of internal organizers. They only make the situation blur, and that is not going to be okay for the organization especially concerning the future and feasibility of this FIFA. External candidate is supposed to be able to work professionally without emotional conflict that makes them unable to provide truthful and professional result. Keeping bad people inside the organization only makes them grow bigger and bigger. Washing out all of them is one way to clear the organization as well as to gain credibility view from other public.


Sunday, January 31 2016

Argentina vs Namibia in Rugby World Cup

Rugby world cup consists of many great teams around the world. Every team prepares each individuals for the next match against any enemies. Between Argentina and Namibia, there is already an intrigue that is worth to watch. They have been rival for quite some time, and the next match will be decision whether Argentina is more consistent than Namibia and the other way around. In the end, Argentina won the match over Namibia because of some reasons. First of all, there were quite nice tries from Argentina. It was 9 tries, and it is definitely a very nice score for preparation against the next team. The next team is supposed to be France or Ireland.

There are some contributors in the rugby world cup in last Sunday. They are Juan Martin Hernandez, Horacio Agulla, Facundo, Juan Martin Hernandez, Lucas Nogueira, Matias Alemanno, Julian Montoya, Tomas Cubelli, and Leonardo Senatore. Those are all the top contributors from Argentina, and each person contributes one try for supporting the team into victory. All of those people are randomly picked, and they do not represent the order of try. However, those are all just the list of the contributors. It is also applicable to these people: Johan Tromp, Eugene Jantjies, and JC Greyling. They are contributors from Namibia who was able to score 3 tries within the game. It was definitely not an easy game to be seen for both team, yet they have successfully tried their best to give effort and game.

In this pool C, however, Argentina still does not have great power for reaching the top. It is due to the fact that the team is still in number two below New Zealand. It is because Argentina lost once in this pool while New Zealand kept winning while retaining 19 points. This is actually the first step of being famous and honored in further match. Considering the other opponents are getting stronger and literally heavier, Argentina is often questioned. The Argentina players are actually really potential to develop. Mostly they are quite young, passionate, and energetic.

In the last match against Namibia, the team destroyed the defense line of theirs. The game played by the team was also nice as there are several tries in very adventurous way. In the first half, the team had scored 4 tries with additional bonuses which were then added by other 5 tries. There is something that should be noted though. The team deployed in the last game was actually not the main players. There are basically prepared for the next week, and that was why the game was so ‘dynamic’.

Regardless of the situation, the team managed to win the battle against Namibia, and that was the real result. Namibia itself was having problem to keep in pace with Argentines. There also was nice action coming from Lucas Gonzales who was stopped by Namibia’s defender denying his possibility to score another try. As this victorious situation still keeps up, the football legend i.e. Diego Maradona would love to see the semi-finals. Of course, it will happen only after Argentina won against French or Ireland.

Thursday, January 28 2016

England Made it Perfect

England national football team is going to the next stage of Europe Championship 2016 with a perfect result. This Three Lions’ squad just won the game with Lithuania 3 – 0 for being the best moment in this Europe tournament. Just been played lively at Vilnaius LFF stadionas, 12th October 2015, world seen the perfect win of England national football team versus Lithuania. England started the line up with 4-4-2 formation which is being the second best formation of this team. Closing the first round with 2 – 0 score, goals by Ross Barkley and an own goal by Giedrius Arlaukis. Then, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain brought it to a perfect win by his goal for England in minute of 62nd.


This winning makes Three Lions walk into the next stage of European Championship 2016 by collecting maximum point from ten matches. Meanwhile, Lithuania is getting the 5th position by collecting 11 point from the entire match. This is also being the best history for England national football team by winning the qualification with maximum result ever. Without any loss, England seems like the greatest team in Europe. However, there will be still many rounds which must be through by this great team and we will see it for the future matches.


The match is started by 4 – 4 – 2 formation by both teams in this match. The home team is depending by the forward players who are Lukas Spalvis and Fedor Cernych. While, England has the duet players who are Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane. Being the away team, however, England dominated this match. Three Lions fully dominating this match by controlling the ball in 70 percent of statistic ball possession.  England has goal attempts in 20 while Lithuania just had 8 attempts. The statistic shows that England played the match with full control and of course it is possible to win the match with an easy struggle for the squad.


Even Lithuania seemed easy to be loss; Roys Hodgson’s team can start to create a goal in the 29th minutes. This came from the strong kick that Ross Barkley made into the left corner of the target which made England lead 1 – 0 in this match. Next, England added its goal in 35th minutes. The goal comes from strong kick of Adam Lallana that strikes the goalpost and bounce to the keeper body Giedrius Arlauskis. The ball gets into the post by its own. This makes England get more score into 2 -  0 and this score is standing still until the first half round done.


Second half started, even England has its score in 2 – 0, the squad still plays without any decreasing attack. 51th minutes, Kane shoots the ball to the post but it can be held by Arlauskis. Also Chamberlain’s shoot that comes as rebound cannot score a goal. After all, Chamberlain made his goal in 62’ with touching the ball with his right foot by finishing the crossing pass by Walker. 3 – 0 England made the score until the match finished by Per K. Hansen, the referee.


Thursday, January 21 2016

Top Ten Replica of Player Shirts

Football player shirts are being the most popular selling that people searching for. Many reasons come from those who like to have the specific player shirt. Here are the top ten replicas for the player shirts based on the date from first July until this September 2015. The first comes from Liverpool/Brazil player named Philippe Coutinho. This Liverpool player comes as the man who just scored one goal in this season but he has the fans’ attention for making them like to look at him as the new man for this season. Next is about Alexis Sanchez who comes from Chile. Since his coming to Arsenal, the fans like to have his shirt. He is also being the second most expensive player which noted in the Arsenal history of player transfer.


Then, the Argentina national forward player, Sergio Aguero. Even he didn’t bring Manchester City to get the previous season as a winner, he still being the figure that mostly loved by the fans. Have scored eight goals for this season, Aguero seems like the Manchester City first number player that the fans want to have his name behind their back shirt. The fourth is Neymar, the Brazilian player. Being a Barcelona Players for few years, his name got more famous than ever. Being a main player of both national team and club, he is being popular as his name on the back of the fans’ shirt around the world.


Wayne Rooney, England player. His name is still echoing to the Red Devil’s fans. Yes, being the national and club captain, he has his fans who like to print his name on their United jersey. Belgium national player, Eden Hazard is also in this top ten as the fifth rank. Being a Chelsea player, he has his name on the Blues’ fans back increase like his popularity.


Next, the Germany national player who just arrived from Munich to Manchester, Bastian Schweinsteiger has his United’s fans than Rooney. His high popularity from the past makes his teammate, Wayne Rooney tear away from the fans. He has his popularity than the United’s captain. However, Schweinsteiger still loss by Memphis Depay. Memphis has his popularity than him and the captain. It is proved by the player shirts which sold to the fans. This Netherlands national player still has to compete to get the fans attention because there is his rival who is Anthony Martial.


Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? This Portugal Player appears as being the most popular player since he came to the Santiago Bernabue stadium. This ex Manchester United player got his fans more than ever since he became the best player who got the Balloon D’ore award from FIFA. However, the number first comes by Lionel Messi the Argentina national player. Being the next Maradona, this Barcelona player succeeds to get the fans more than Ronaldo. Camp Nou fans are around the world and Messi is being their number first player to get printed for their back shirt. So, what is yours?

Saturday, January 16 2016

Spain Get Qualified with Slovakia

Spain succeed to close the matches in Europe Championship 2016 qualification stage with the final winning against Ukraine with score 1 – 0 at NSK Olimpijs’kyj Stadion the previous 12th Oct 2015. The one and only goal that comes from La Roja makes it all happen for Spain to be the number one team who lead the table in group C qualification. Spain collected 27 points while Ukraine is at the third position with 19 points. It means that Ukraine must through the play off stages in order to get the ticket to go to the next stage of Eurpean Championship 2016.


Spain winning is scored by the only La Roja goal at 21’. 90 minutes of the match done with balance statistic possession. Both of the teams are having the similar ball possession statistic with 50:50 percentages. At minute 8’, Cesc Fabregas got the chance for scoring a goal by getting the pass from Isco. However his shoot still too high from the target and this only being a goal attempt for Spain. Then, in the minute of 23’, Spain succeed to score a goal. The goal started to be scored by Nolito movement. He pass through the ball to Thiago Alcantara who eventually cross the ball to the penalty box. Then, the ball is headed by Mario Gaspaer to score the ball. Actually, Spain has the other chances to get more goals but they are all missed.


At 23’, Spain has a chance to get more goal from the penalty kick after Nolito being crushed by Olexandr Kucher in penalty box. Unfortunately, Fabregas who is the penalty kicker done his job with a failure. His penalty shoot is being prevented by Ukraine keeper Andriy Pyatov. The first half match is done with 1 – 0 for Spain leading. 


Second half started with Ukraine struggle to get the score in balance. Ukraine squad brings more initiative to attack Spain. It is proved by Andriy Yarmolenko shoot from the left defense of Spain in 52’. It is good but still bounces the David de Gea pole. Spain has scored one more goal in 56’ but this Mikel San Jose goal is forbidden by the referee because he made a foul first for Yarmolenko. Then, Isco closely scored a goal in 81’. His shoot still nearly out of the target so this match finished with 1 – 0 score for Spain. This winning for Spain brings Spain in a condition to go to the next stage without any loss in qualifying stage.


Good news comes from the Slovakia team. Winning the final match versus Luxembourg with score 2 – 4, Slovakia succeed to collect 22 point and being the second lead for Group C. It means that Slovakia has the first time to go as a qualified team in Europe Championship history. This is the best moment for Slovakia because this is the first time the national team can through the qualification stage. For being reminder to Spain, Slovakia is the one and only team which can score a goal from Spain.

Wednesday, January 13 2016

France Has Get Eighteen Candidates

The Europe Championship 2016 Qualification has been done. France as the host of this biggest European tournament has got eighteen candidates which being the fixed candidate come from the winner and second winner of the groups. Eighteen groups have got their ticket to go to France with being the qualified national teams through the matches of the groups. It must be 24 teams that competing in the finals but there are still six teams which must through the play off matches. Here are the fixed national teams which include in the eighteen candidates for Europe Championship 2016 Finals.


The first team comes from the host, France. Being the hosts, France has not a team which needs to struggle to get qualified to the finals. Since defeated by Germany at the previous World Cup 2014, Les Blues won eight friendly games from 13.  France has being the winners in 1984 and 2000 and this is being their pedigree to be the champion.  Karim Benzema seems being the counted player for France. Then, Iceland, the winner of Group A. This is the debut for going through the finals in this Europe Championship 2016. It has a Swansea Player who is the top scorer, Gylfi Sigurdsson with his six goals.


The second Group A’s winner, Czech Republic, it has been the runners up for 1996 and now it is available to be the 2016 champion again. Borek Dockal who played in Sparta Pargue has collected four goals and he can be the counted player comes from Czech Republic. Then, Belgium, the winner from group B. Belgium ever felt the third place in 1972. Now Belgium walks to the finals with a good performance in qualification stages. Eden Hazard has Belgium key to the finals. The second B group winner, Wales, collecting 18 points, Wales comes to the final aside with Belgium. Gareth Bale is dangerous now.


Spain, Group C winner, has ever felt being the winner in 1964, 2008 and 2012. Paco Alcacer has collect five goals for Spain. Slovakia, accompany Spain to the finals; it comes for the first time in Europe history. Marek Hamsyik has scored 5 goals for this team in qualification stages. German comes from Group D accompanied by Poland. Germany has felt being winner in 1972, 1980 and 1996. While, Poland with the experience in 2008 and 2012, it will get through this as well as possible.


Group E winner England with its experience in 1968 will come as a pretty good candidate with 100% winning group matches. Rooney will prove his and his squad’s entire struggle. The accompanier, Switzerland seems like a nice rival in this tournament by 1996, 2004 and 2008 group stages experiences. Northern Ireland, Group F winner and Romania the second winner will show off their possibilities as a candidate for the final. There are still Austria, Rusia, Italy, Portugal, and Albania which has been fixed their seat for the finals. The third winner of the groups, Turkey/Netherlands, Bosnia/Israel/Cyprus, Ukraine, Ireland, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Norway/Croatia and Denmark will get through the play-off match to get the tickets to the finals.

Tuesday, January 5 2016

Joyce loses the gold medal to the next Olympic

Joe Joyce, he is a member of Great Britain team in Doha. He is an amateur boxer that comes from England. Joyce competed in super heavyweight division and he has been fight in many champions. Few times ago, he failed to won a gold medal at the qualification in Qatar. He must go back and just bring a bronze medal because he beat by Tony Yoka. Yoka is a Frenchman that has a great defense when fighting with Joyce. Joyce almost takes his down but with Yoka’s struggle, Joyce cannot overthrow him. He loses in the judges scored that more favour to Yoka. And he should accept his bronze medal. Great Jackpot only with


In the second round, Joyce almost takes Yoka down in his big hook, but it seems that fortune does not come to the Joyce side at that times. The three judges scored in Joyce rivals fight, Yoka. Because of that, in the last result, Joyce fails to win a gold medal. It indicates that Joyce would not get his place for next champion and would miss his next qualification for the 2016 Rio de Janerio Olympic next year. 

 Joyce defeats Yoka, a super heavyweight division in Qatar at the semi final qualification of World Champion. In this champion, Joyce seems unlucky and he just brings a bronze medal from AIBA World Boxing. If he wants to secure his position in the next qualification tournament, he must get a gold medal. But now, he gets a bronze, means that I will help Joyce to at least guarantee his career in boxing. There still some opportunities for him and all of his team-mates in Doha team to reach the the Rio de Janerio 2016 Olympic next year. There three events that will be held in April, May and in June next year that may lead them to their best effort and bring them to their great opportunities in participating the Rio Olympic.

Joyce was the last member of Great Britain team in Doha that still fighting for the team. There are three qualifications tournament remaining next year and Britain team must notice about the next tournament. Beside a bad new that comes from Joyce, there also better news for Britain team. Joe Ward, an Ireland after the light-heavyweight will join with them and become the third team member to have a place in Brazil.

Ward has a great performance when hr defeats and successfully beat an Uzbekistans Elshod Rasulov and reaches the position to the final and can get the place for the next qualification after his current performance. After Ward reach the final he joins Michael Conlan who will bring Ward become Irelands first amateur boxing world champion. That is when Ward fights in the bantamweight. The other good news comes from Paddy Barners who win bronze medal two times in Olympic. After he finishing top of the World Series of Boxing Ranking this year, he can finish it earlier. He already secured his place in Rio qualification for next year.

Matthew Fitzpatrick: Playing in Extraordinary Progress

Matthew Fitzpatrick, 21 years old man is a golf player that has extraordinary progress in his game. He has a world ranking in 59 in the end of 2014. Last autumn, he won his European Tour playing rights at the Qualifying School and he ranked outside the worlds top 400 player. With his rank that sitting in the 59 in the world, it makes him eligible to participate the World Golf Championship tournaments. That is great achievements that can be reach by a player that start his experience in amateur career.

Flitzpatrick had enjoyed the five-top finishes this year before he completing his two strike at Woburn over the weekend. In july, he became the runner up to Danny Wilett at the European Masters. He finished third at the Italian Open and Czech Masters. He make a strong decision to drop out from the Northwestern University and he choose to become a professional player in June 2014 and now it is paid from his successfully career in professional player.

Flitzpatrick joins the paid ranks that cost him a place, after he wining the US amateur Championship then he play the Masters and US Open. In the European Tour, he ranked in seventh. He has a great strength and though when he plays golf and it is his great ability to play in greens fields perfectly. His ability makes him looks more and more powerful to control his game and strategies. He plays accurately and in this category he can play in significantly to hit the ball in more holes better than other leading players.

Flitzpatrick will do his struggle hard to generate the length of the tee to compete. With his strength, he can hit the ball in 287 yards in average and he can hit it more than seven fairways. Behind his success career as golf professional player, of course there is a support from his coaches. He has young  coach named Mike Walker is his coach that may has Pete Cowen ears, the most experienced teacher in a golf. Be sides that, Mathew Flitzpatrick is a talented player that has rapid progression in his skill. He should keep his talent and should be mindful to keep his tour life in great and keep making achievement.

Here a player that has his career collapse, such Matteo Manassero. He is an Italian player that has predicate as the youngest winner of the BMW PGA Championship in 2013 and he become the worlds top 400 player same as Flitzpatrick. He is a popular figure of professional player. This year, in his 22 years old, he has missed 16 cuts including past 11 tournaments that he passed. If he continues his game through the European tour Final series of the events, he may sit in the top-50 ranking. It also can bring him to the bigger or even biggest prizes. It would bring the credits for his career in professional career and he may book his place in the Master next year.

Pedrosa Helped Rossi to Win World Champion Title

Motegi - Valentino Rossi seemed to feel so grateful when Dani Pedrosa surprisingly left Jorge Lorenzo behind to win the race in Motegi Circuit, Japan. In this race, Pedrosa could reach the first podium while Rossi and Lorenzo on the second and the third place. That was the reason why Rossi felt so glad for the victory of Pedrosa because he can earn much point than his strongest competitor, Lorenzo. Simply, Pedrosa helped Rossi to be a great leader of the championship table and also made him a little bit closer to world champion title this year.

The very impressive race that was shown by Dani Pedrosa in Motegi could not be ignored at all. He started the race from the sixth position, yet slow but sure he could overtake Rossi and Lorenzo for the first spot on the podium. The little Spaniard - the nickname of Pedrosa - has shown a very great and swift performance during the race. Even though he knew that Rossi and Lorenzo left him behind quite far in the beginning of the race, he never gave up and was so determined to chase whoever racers in front of him no matter happened.

The victory of Pedrosa in this race could not be separated from his great skills and wonderful performance of his motorbike, RC213V. The splendid combination between both of them made him able to fix his position during the race since the sixteenth lap. He started to overtake his Repsol Honda teammate, Marc Marquez, and the Ducati Duo, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone. So then, he was right behind “the Doctor” and just in a couple of minute he could overtake the Yamaha Movistar racer flawlessly. So, he could reach the second position after Lorenzo as the leader of the race.

Furthermore, in the next two laps, Lorenzo seemed to have a problem with his front tire. This was a very great opportunity for Pedrosa to overtake the X-Fuera - the nickname of Lorenzo - and take the lead of the race. Then, he did not need much time to leave Lorenzo behind to lead the rest of the race and win it. Meanwhile, Lorenzo had to finish the race on the third place because he was overtaken by Rossi when the race still had five more laps to go. clik here for agen bola online terpercaya

Rossi said that he saw Dani (Pedrosa) was getting closer to him and he knew that Dani could defeat him. But, he was so surprised when Dani could chase Lorenzo. Then, the 36 year old rider added that Dani helped him during the race by giving him good information he could use to overtake Lorenzo.

Then, he could not believe that Pedrosa was able to chase and even overtake Lorenzo in the race in Motegi, especially if he considers that Lorenzo is a very great and strong racer this year. Nevertheless, the Italian rider admitted that the impressive performance of Pedrosa has helped him to overtake Lorenzo in order to get closer to the world champion title this year.